Answers to your questions, 9.20.21

Infection Prevention & Control and Incident Command have answered the following question regarding what type of tests will be accepted for surveillance testing. Q:  I have recently had an antibody test for covid and I have the antibodies. Natural immunity has been proven in many studies to be just as effective if not more effective… Read More

UK selected as site for COVID-19 vaccine booster study

The University of Kentucky announced the following today: Building on its success with previous COVID-19 vaccine and studies, the University of Kentucky has been selected as a site for a trial to assess dose levels of a Johnson & Johnson booster shot. Currently authorized vaccines remain overwhelmingly effective against severe illness from COVID-19, but the… Read More

Eleven hospital systems in Kentucky to require vaccinations for health care workforce

During his weekly Team Kentucky update today, Gov. Andy Beshear announced that UK HealthCare and 10 other health care systems in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are requiring their health care workforce to initiate a complete COVID-19 vaccination series no later than September 15, 2021. The pledge taken by UK HealthCare and the other systems is… Read More

UK opens pediatric research program for children’s COVID-19 vaccine

In a media event today, it was announced UK has been selected as a site for KidCOVE, a national research study to ensure a safe and effective vaccine that protects children ages 6 months through 11 years from getting sick with COVID-19. Using the Moderna vaccine currently authorized for adults, this pediatric research study will… Read More

Answers to questions relevant to COVID

Your questions answered The following questions were submitted during the last town hall session. Since they are relevant to our COVID response, we are sharing them here. Answers on other topics can be reviewed on our general FAQs page. Q:  Is there still a 14-day quarantine requirement if you travel internationally? Or will a negative… Read More

Vaccination Update – 2,209 receive first dose by day’s end

Employee Health and Pharmacy personnel expect to finish administering current supplies (original 1,950 doses) later today. When finished, 2,209 providers and staff will have received the first of two doses. We have vaccinated more than 1,950 employees because there are six or seven doses in each vial instead of the expected five doses.

Your questions answered regarding vaccination

IMPORTANT: Many employee questions were anticipated and answers have been provided on the COVID-19 Vaccine Information page. Find it listed under “Key Links” at right. Q: When can I get the vaccine? A: Distribution of the vaccine is highly organized and regulated by Operation Warp Speed and the CDC. The CDC has released national guidelines, which… Read More