Are “fully remote” employees subject to the CMS vaccination mandate?

“Fully remote” is defined within our COVID-19 Policy, which has been updated to comply with the CMS vaccine mandate. Briefly, it means that the worker does not ever work in a UK HealthCare owned or leased facility and would never be expected to come into such a facility for work, even in times of emergency… Read More

CMS vaccine mandate deadlines

A legal challenge to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services vaccine mandate for health care workers resulted in a federal injunction in December. Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court lifted that injunction, allowing for the vaccination mandate to proceed. New CMS deadlines for the vaccination mandate are as follows: First dose or exemption request… Read More

Your questions answered about the vaccine requirement

Q: If someone is on Family Medical Leave and missed the Sept. 15 deadline, will they receive corrective action for failure to comply with the vaccine requirement? A:  No. If an employee has been on FML and has not met the requirements of the COVID-19 policy by Sept. 15, they will not be issued corrective… Read More