UK HealthCare pharmacists do not prescribe Paxlovid

Recently, the FDA authorized pharmacists to prescribe Paxlovid with certain limitations. This authority extends to Kentucky, as there is no specific law that restricts pharmacists from prescribing this product. After consideration, however, UK Retail Pharmacy leadership has chosen to continue to defer prescriptive authority to providers and to maintain the pharmacist’s role solely as dispensing… Read More

June 27: COVID vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years old at Fountain Court vaccination clinic

Beginning Monday, June 27, children 6 months to 5 years old will be able to receive the Moderna or Pfizer COVID vaccine (parents may choose) at UK HealthCare’s Fountain Court clinic, now called the UK PharmacistCare Clinic. Both vaccines are effective against the omicron variant.

Updated pharmacotherapy guidance for adult and pediatric patients

The UK HealthCare Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee has approved the following updates and additions to interim guidance for adult and pediatric patients. New guidelines Interim Guidance for the Use of Tixagevimab-Cilgavimab (Evusheld) in Adult Patients (4-19-22) Interim Guidance for the Use of Tixagevimab-Cilgavimab (Evusheld) in Pediatric Patients (4-22-22) Interim Pharmacotherapy Guidance for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection… Read More

Paxlovid oral therapy for COVID-19 available at Kentucky Clinic, Turfland pharmacies

UK HealthCare recently received additional doses of the oral Pfizer drug Paxlovid, an outpatient treatment for high-risk patients. The total number of doses have been divided between the Kentucky Clinic and Turfland retail pharmacy locations, and prescriptions for the medication may be sent to either location.