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UK HealthCare appreciates the work of our dedicated employees during this state of emergency. Although our everyday lives have been altered, UK HealthCare is still committed to supporting our employees, so we can serve the people of Kentucky. In response to the pandemic, services for our employees have expanded to include child care, housing, health & wellness, and pastoral care.

Work Hour Resources

Child Care
Housing Information
Health & Wellness
Pastoral Care

Child Care

UK HealthCare leadership continues to work on supportive arrangements for child care during this state of emergency. Our goal during this time is to ensure continued health care operations and support our team and their families. We understand the care of your children is of utmost importance and sensitivity. UK HealthCare is partnering with All About Kids and the YMCA (Beaumont and Whitaker locations) for care of children 6 weeks through 12 years old. Kindred is also offering “As Needed & Backup Temporary Membership for COVID-19,” which offers basic nanny care, 24/7 emergency care, overnight care, and extended day/night care. For more information on our Child Care options, please click HERE.

Housing Information

Housing options available through June

On-Campus housing is available at the former University Inn. Once the University Inn is at capacity, requests for housing will be put on a waiting list. Reservations are currently accepted through June 30. As a reminder, these are not hotels but spaces converted for employee use during COVID-19. There are limited amenities and services at these locations.

Click HERE for Employee Housing Options.

Health & Wellness

There are a variety of  Health & Wellness resources available to employees. Many of which are available to employees during work hours and non-work hours. For a full list of resources, please click HERE.

Moral Support

As the UK HealthCare community prepares for the most significant pandemic medical crisis in over a century, there are many concerns over PPE, allocation of scarce resources, and at-risk family members. But what about the moral protection and support services healthcare providers need in a medical crisis? The UK HealthCare Ethics Committee and Clinical Ethics Consultation Service has Moral Support Services in the form of expertise and peer support to reduce:

Here is a list of Moral Support Resources.

REST Program

UK HealthCare Psychiatry has developed a program called REST – Reaching out to Employees with Stress reduction and behavioral health Treatment. REST provides UK HealthCare faculty and staff a range of stress reduction, coping skills and behavioral resources while working on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call 859-323-6021; press option 1, then press option 2. Depending on your needs, you will be provided immediate therapist intervention, offered an appointment or referred to the appropriate UK Work+Life resource.

Tobacco Cessation

UK Health & Wellness has received permission to fund FREE nicotine replacement therapy  to UK HealthCare employees without enrolling in a cessation program at this time. The following are available to you:

  • Nicotine gum or lozenges: Starter packs are available to UK employees free of charge at UK Retail Pharmacies. Use one piece every one to two hours as needed for cravings. See the pharmacist at one of UK HealthCare’s retail pharmacies to get started.
  • Additional NRT (beyond starter pack of gum or lozenges): Nicotine gum, lozenges and patches are available to employees free of charge in consultation with UK Health & Wellness. Contact Jackie Hanson (; 218- 4891) or Audrey Darville (; 323-4222) to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from using these products.

As always, UK HealthCare employees can still receive free treatment/coaching and free cessation medications if enrolled in treatment and coaching by certified tobacco treatment specialists Audrey Darville, APRN, TTS, and Jackie Hanson, TTS, with UK Health & Wellness.

Click HERE to learn more about tobacco cessation.

Pastoral Care

Our chaplains are available 24/7 year round to help patients, family and staff  deal with spiritual and emotional challenges often associated with medical events and crises. The chaplain’s role is to support you and your family spiritually and emotionally while in the hospital, regardless of faith or religious affiliation.

Click HERE to learn more information about Pastoral Care.