COVID testing verification via telehealth now being offered

UK Retail Pharmacies are now offering return-to-work COVID testing verification via telehealth. This service will be open to any UK HealthCare employees or HMO members.

Because it is a telehealth appointment, we will not be providing the COVID rapid test kit; however, anyone can order free COVID rapid test kits at

How it works: 

Step 1. Schedule your telehealth appointment via your MyChart account within the timeframe that you need to take your test. UK HealthCare’s return-to-work guidelines require any employee who tested positive for COVID-19 to stay home from work for five days.

However, you are eligible to test 48 hours prior to returning to work, so you can schedule a telehealth appointment on day four following your initial positive COVID-19 test result.

To schedule the appointment:

  1. Open your MyChart account and click the green “Schedule an appointment” button in the top right corner.
  2. Under “Tell us why you’re coming in” choose “UKHC Employee Covid Proctored Read.”
  3. Choose an appointment day and time that work for you.

Step 2. At the time of your video call, you will be connected to a proctor who will guide you through the testing process. Open your test kit only after you are in the video call with your test proctor.

Step 3. Once your test results are ready, our team will create a validated report with your test results. You will then receive this report via email, and based on the result of your test, this report will inform you when you are cleared to return to work.