Smart Return to pre-COVID operations

As areas across the country begin returning to more normal, pre-COVID standards, UK HealthCare will continue adhering to stricter guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our people and our patients who may be at higher risk.

To guide our return to pre-COVID operations, we are introducing our Smart Return to Pre-COVID Operations table, which specifies four tiers of COVID risk level determined by state infection rates reported by the Kentucky Department of Public Health, as well as our number of active COVID-positive inpatients and the percentage of immunized employees.

The good news is the percentage of UK HealthCare employees immunized against COVID is 93%. Thank you. We crushed that metric. Now, we must keep our eyes on the other two factors.

Each tier in our chart defines how to carry out specific activities based on that tier’s risk level.

IMPORTANT: All three criteria (COVID infection rate, COVID-positive inpatient number, percentage of immunized staff) must be true for seven full days before we can begin carrying out activities under a new tier. See the example below.

UK HealthCare activities under Tier 3

Currently, we are in Tier 3. Please execute all listed activities as laid out in the Tier 3 column of our table. Once all three criteria for Tier 2 are met for seven days, operational leadership will announce a move to Tier 2. At that time, we can alter the listed activities accordingly.

Managers will be notified if we transition to a different tier.

As COVID rates continue to fluctuate, please be prepared to adjust activities as necessary.

We understand that this has been a trying time, and we appreciate your continued commitment to the health and well-being of our patients.

Example: [refer to the Smart Return to Pre-COVID Operations table]

Before holding in-person meetings as described in Tier 2 (or any other activity in that tier), the state COVID infection rate must be 10 or less per 100,000 AND the number of COVID-positive inpatients must be no higher than 15 AND 80% of employees must be vaccinated. All of this must remain true for seven days. Otherwise, we continue to carry out all activities as outlined under Tier 3.