Virtual Town Hall FAQs

The following COVID-19 related questions were asked during the virtual town hall on May 18, 2021. The event recording and additional FAQs are available to view on The Loop.

Q: Is there going to be a second COVID bonus for those who worked when there were 90+ COVID patients in the hospital?

A: Future one-time recognition payments are possible. However, we are currently focusing on making pay and recognition decisions to help us best with recruitment and retention, such as competitive benefits and compensation in line with the market, which may or may not include one-time payments in the near future.

Q: How do you get a replacement COVID-19 vaccination card if you lost your original one?

A: Visit the Lost Vaccination Cards page of the COVID website.

Q: Why aren’t we emphasizing vaccines through the PCP offices? Patients are more likely to take the shot if they trust their PCP.

A: The PCPs should be encouraging the vaccine, but because of the constraints of the vaccine, it is best for them to be given at one location rather than each individual doctor office. When we get to even younger ages, under 12, we will find a solution that works with the provider and patients.

Q: Can you talk about how UK HealthCare is going to handle vaccinations for employees’ children?

A: Pfizer is the only vaccine that has extended its minimum age to 12. Anyone 12 years old or older can come to UK – whether their family member is a UK employee or not – and receive a vaccine. The sign-up is the same for everyone. Register here.

Q: When will we return to the previous visitation schedule to allow patients to have multiple visitors at the bedside? Other hospitals have moved to two visitors.

A: Our goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible, and not everyone is vaccinated yet. We are continuing to monitor local facilities to see what others are doing across Kentucky. We are also working closely with Infection Prevention and Control to ensure safe timing. Soon we will update our visitation policy to allow two (2) visitors to switch out. As we examine our options, we are developing a de-escalation grid to highlight changes associated with decreases in COVID numbers. Visitation changes will be included in this de-escalation plan.