Questions answered from Nov. 17 town hall re: Visitors & Screening

Q:  We have had visitors who are not truthful about their COVID status in order to see their family member. 

A:  We have processes in place to screen each visitor and check their ID to ensure they are an approved visitor. We have to assume positive intent and trust that our visitors will be truthful.

Q:  What are the specific visitor restrictions for OB, ambulatory, etc., that was mentioned?

A:  OB restrictions have not changed. They will still be allowed one partner in care over the age of 16 to stay with them the entire time. Read the visitor policy

Q:  Why not close to visitors as we did before and reduce the risk of exposure?

A:  There is a plan in place to reduce and restrict visitation. Leadership will continually assess the risk of exposure and make that decision.

Q:  For visitation, if one person checks in at 8 a.m. and leaves, can another check in at noon? Seems like more people being allowed.

A:  The policy still requests that only one designated visitor visits. If there is a special circumstance that requires multiple visitors, these can be entered in the visitation manager system.

Q:  If we have outpatient pediatric surgery, can both parents come back?

A:  Yes, both parents can still accompany the patient.

Q:  Other employers of high-risk occupations are requiring a lot more health monitoring for employees. Can you explain why we aren’t doing something like this with health care workers? Are there circumstances where we would increase screening and testing?  

A:  UK HealthCare requires daily screening of each employee for COVID symptoms. All staff are expected to wear appropriate PPE at all times – except when eating or drinking – and are expected to abide by social distancing practices to protect each other. We do have testing services in place for staff who are symptomatic or have traveled to a hot spot area.

Q:  Why do we not temperature check visitors at the screenings or patients and visitors to clinics and off-site locations? 

A:  We are not currently taking physical temperatures as the state guidance allows for subjective temperatures. We do require universal masking of all staff, patients and visitors.

Q:  I know employees at other hospitals are receiving regularly scheduled serial COVID tests/PCR screening. Does UKHC have a plan to do so?

A:  Not at this time.  We believe our screening and universal PPE protocols provide necessary safeguards.

Q:  Will visitors be turned away if they do not have a photo ID?

A:  We take a variety of forms of ID. If someone does not have an ID, the screening management team will work through those situations on a case-by-case basis.