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Answers to your questions, 9.20.21

Infection Prevention & Control and Incident Command have answered the following question regarding what type of tests will be accepted for surveillance testing.

Q:  I have recently had an antibody test for covid and I have the antibodies. Natural immunity has been proven in many studies to be just as effective if not more effective than the current vaccines. What is the process for posting my antibody test?

A:  We will not accept antibody testing in lieu of PCR testing. Antibody tests should not be used to assess immunity. Unlike other COVID-19 tests that are used to diagnose an active infection, antibody tests are aimed at finding evidence of your body’s immune response to a past infection with the virus – or having been vaccinated – depending on the assay. We are conducting surveillance on staff to look at present/active infection. Read more…

Media briefing

Today, Ashley Montgomery-Yates, MD, chief medical officer for inpatient and emergency services; Jennifer Rose, chief administrative officer; and Lindsay Ragsdale, MD, director, Pediatric Advanced Care Team at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, provided a COVID-19 update for UK HealthCare and responded to questions from numerous media outlets.

WATCH: UK HealthCare Facebook Live recording of the media briefing

“No Meetings” week extended through Sept. 24

It is strongly encouraged to not schedule any meetings for the upcoming week, Sept. 20-24.

We continue to need additional time and support from our teams in managing the present COVID situation. Leaders should carefully consider the necessity of scheduled meetings and cancel meetings not considered essential or related to managing the COVID surge. Read more…

Verification queue is near empty, alerts will begin to flow to unvaccinated workers

Thank you for your patience as UK Health Corps completed review of submitted vaccine documentation.

For those who have not responded and those who are partially vaccinated, vaccinated but within the two-week window of full effectiveness, approved for declination, or temporarily deferred, you can expect to receive an email explaining the COVID-19 surveillance testing protocol prior to Monday. Read more…

Your questions answered, 9.17.21

Q:  Every nurse on every unit is trained to perform covid swabs, Why can we not test each other?

A:  The testing process requires registration and standard work to ensure privacy and compliance standards are being met. Because the testing is being done through UK HealthCare clinics, we are following the same standards to protect the privacy of this process as we do with any patient treated in our clinics.  Read more…

Managers, request your COVID-19 vaccination status stickers

UK HealthCare leaders, please fill out this form to request stickers indicating COVID-19 vaccination status for your department’s employees. When you are logged into the Vaccination Compliance Tracker, you must see “compliantvaccinated” by an employee’s name before you issue a sticker. Read more…

For those required to test weekly for COVID, here’s how

You will use MyChart to schedule your weekly testing appointments. When logged in to MyChart, after selecting “Visits,” select “Employee COVID testing,” which will allow you to select your preferred testing location.

Managers, watch for this updated status – “In Process”

An employee is considered fully compliant with our COVID vaccination requirement 14 days after their last COVID-19 vaccine in the series.

  • If the employee received the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine, they are considered fully compliant 14 days after the single dose.
  • Those receiving Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are fully compliant 14 days after their second dose.

Read more…

Thank you to everyone who met the COVID vaccination requirement

Our appreciation to everyone who submitted proof of their COVID vaccination or a timely request to decline vaccination for medical or religious reasons. In addition to these categories, we also have a group whose vaccination has been deferred.

Those who have an approved declination or deferral should expect to receive an email within the next 24 hours from “COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Protocol.” You can check your MyChart portal to see if your request for declination has been approved.  Read more…

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