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Initiating COVID-19 Workforce Readiness Plan

Message to Staff in Payroll Classification 1500


As we face an unprecedented time of change and uncertainty, we know you may have questions about your role, especially as thousands of clinicians and staff have faced disruption due to postponed or cancelled patient care, as well as changing assignments and workloads.

At the same time, it is urgent that we reorient our operations to fight COVID-19 effectively and be prepared to take care of our patients and one another to the best of our ability.

Because of these factors, we are announcing a series of temporary measures today that will help reduce uncertainty and ensure we are operating as responsibly and effectively as possible in responding to this crisis. Read more…

Proactively Providing Patient Updates

UK HealthCare is committed to the welfare of our patients, as well as keeping our health care teams safe, well and efficient. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increase in visitation restrictions.

In response to the need to limit frequent care interruptions caused by multiple calls and requests for updates on the same patient – often by multiple family members, team members are now  proactively updating partners in care. Read more…

GetWell Loop Home Monitoring App

GetWell Loop, the 14-day home monitoring app for COVID-19, is being used for UK HealthCare patients who are ordered a COVID-19 test (except current inpatients). Read more…

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